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Help: Understanding Part Variants in Pspice

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Hi, I'm new to this forum and I have a problem. I have a project with a small team of mine to build an automated password controlled door for our engineering course. So, we've had a referring circuit and begun our circuit simulation. We have one part named CD4013BCN but we cannot find the exact model within Pspice. We have other variants such as CD4013B/Latch , CD4013B/FP/Latch, CD4013B/SO/Latch but I do not understand the differences between these variants. So, we're confused on these variants. What are the differences?

Side question: These parts are not added from the library within Pspice. They are taken from the folders just outside it, are they usable for Pspice simulations?

Please help, thank you.


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The "variants" you are talking about are just different IC packages. Spice models rarely account for parasitic capacitance and inductance due to differences in packages, so any model you can get to work is as good as you will get. I'm not a PSpice user, so dont know the exact method of importing external models, but if the external model claims to be a "Spice" model (as opposed to some other type of simulator, e.g. IBIS), then it should be possible to use the .INCLUDE statement to hook it up with your circuit.
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