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help to identify

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hello everyone i have a question about a part that i came across a couple of days ago... ok here it goes... this part is on a pcb that i use with a piece of gear that i work with but on the card it says ( c12) which i know thhat represents a cap but what i was wondering is a way to find out the the way to identify it here is a little discreption of it( this is where it throws me off )
ok to start off it is clear glass and has CY20C 222F CGW if any one can help me i would love it well thank you for your time


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When you see a cap with three numbers on it, the capacitance is usually expressed in pF thusly: 222=22x10Λ2, or 2200pF or 2.2nF or 0.0022uF.


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Attached is the data sheet for those types of caps:



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