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Help to identify devices by photos

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Hello, friends. Could you help me identify these devices? They present in The Big Bang Theory TV show. I have already checked fan websites. They didn't help. I was able to find photos, but have no clue what they are for. Please tell me the purpose of the device. If you could tell me exact name and model It would be awesome. Sorry for the small size of some pictures, but it is the best I could find.


2. It is written that it is a pressure gauge. But I couldn't find even similar


4. This is temperature or Humidity chart recorder, Need to know the model

6. This is ham radio transceiver with main VFO. Need to know the model

7. This is Dictograph. Need to know the model






13. Looks like Dictograhp. Need to know the model




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Item #6 is not a transceiver, but a receiver.

It seems to be a variation of an Icom R7000, look here:

Item #8 looks like a pressure regulator.



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Item #4 has the chart fitted upside down. Sheldon, with his OCD, would have corrected that.

The drum with the chart on it rotates clockwise from above, so the front turns to the left. The clockwork mechanism for that, including clock spring and balance wheel, is inside the drum. The curved scales are because the pen that draws the line is pivoted to the right of the drum, and if the chart was the right way up, the line of the pen would follow the curve of the chart.

The 0 - 100 scale would imply humidity.

Additional info:-

The case style is very similar to this:-https://www.bmisurplus.com/products/56376-weathertronics-7020-hi-q-barograph but the measurement part it different. That picture shows how the chart should be fitted.

It is possible that the measurement part is a one-off, where someone has converted a barograph to record some other variable.
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