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Help to build a circuit board for car lights

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Hi, if I am posting this in the wrong section/forums I am very sorry.

Here is my problem, I am attempting to install HID(xenons) on my car, my cars lights run at 8volts when in daytime running mode, and 10-12volts when not in daytime running mode. Very low volts, and doesn't give enough power to light a HID system or use a 12v relay so I can run power directly from the cars battery. Also, when I attempt to relay the power, if there is no resistance the car thinks the bulb has burned and turns off the power to the bulbs. Basicaly I need something to act as that 12v 35watt bulb and also use the power as a switch to a 12v relay,

I tried installing a relay, and the relay will not click into place because it is not getting the full 12volts, so I installed a capacitor (32V 4700uf from Radio Shack) and the relay and the HIDs powered up but the car gives an error on the dash and shuts it off after some time because it thinks the bulb is burned, I installed an Load Equalizer (resistor with head shield) and it blew the capacitor. I am going crazy at this point.

So here is what I am trying to do, have the power that is originally going into a 12v 35watt bulb go into a resistor or something to take the load so the car doesn't give any errors and be able to use the same power as a switch for a relay.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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