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Help Sourcing a phoenix connectors


New Member
I'm refurbishing some electronics from the yearly 2000's, some of which has seen some salt water and the connectors are badly corroded. Fortunately the PCBs are clean.

I've searched on line and they seem to be Phoenix Contact COMBICON MSTB connectors, 16 way, inline with a pitch of around 0.2" approximately 5mm.

The version I have has spring loaded clamps to secure the cables, but that's not essential, screw terminals would be OK.

They are on the RS website as a discontinued product.

They are off a CanBus System produced by Empribus as used by the Swedish Navy and Coastguard.

16 way connector 1.jpg16 way connector 2.jpg16 way connector 3.jpg
I just need 4 or 5.


Active Member
I can't tell from your pictures exactly what the mounting arrangement is. Can you replace both the board-mounted piece and the plug-in piece? If you can, then many "plugable terminal blocks" should fit the bill. The exact shape of the mating pieces varies between manufacturers and product lines, so finding a mating plug to fit an existing header is unlikely.

They will be either 0.2" pitch OR 5mm pitch. Measure from one end of the contacts to the other to get an accurate measurement.


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This may be a better photo:
16 way connector 4.jpg
One side has a dovetail key, the other side is curved, there are no separators between the pins.
On one end has the following character:

SLZF 5.08

It plugs into the casing:

16 way connector 6.jpg

and the board inside looks like this:

16 way connector 5.jpg


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