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Help Please

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Hi. New to the forum so please take it easy on me.
I have a project that i would like to make and be as simple as possible.
I can complete the exercise using several different systems but i would like to somehow simplify it into one package.

I have a long driveway about 600M long. I am installing gates at the entrance that I would like to control from the house.
What I am after is a multi channel TX/RX set up that will support the following.
1) CCTV with audio (PTZ would be an advantage)
2) 2 way door bell with intercom
3) Gate control (open / close)
4) encryption / security so others cant access or control.

It is pretty much line of site and I will have the antennas up on posts.

Thank you.


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I've never seen anything that can do all that in one unit...
You can get all the bits individually, to work via Ethernet.

You would need a WiFi link to start with. A pair of TP-Link CPE-510 APs would give you that: https://www.amazon.com/TP-Link-300Mbps-dual-polarized-directional-CPE510/dp/B00N2RO63U

Then, probably a SIP-based (VoIP) door entry unit.
They allow communications over a network to anywhere. You use another SIP compatible device (or a home telephone system if that is also SIP compatible) and the door entry unit just calls the phone number of whatever device you program it for - a single phone or a ring group on an exchange.

eg, just for some examples:

The entry phone usually also has a relay contact output to remotely trigger a door or gate release.

Some include a webcam so you can see who is at the door/gate before releasing it.

With Ethernet, you can also add other IP cameras where you need them, just connect a small ethernet switch to the gate-end WiFi AP to get as many ethernet connections as you need.


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Problem is i need a signal to travel 600M Tp link is good for 60M

A pair of those have a line-of-site range of 15 KM - Around ten miles!
  • System-level optimizations for more than 15km long range wireless transmission

It's the Ethernet link + power cable that allows the AP to be up to 60m from its power unit.
  • Passive PoE Adapter supports up to 60 meter (200 feet) Power over Ethernet deployment and allows the device to be reset remotely


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Yep. Misread the listing....

Looks like the go.
And ill get an IP intercom with latching output to open the gate.

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