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help : parking lot system

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Hi, I'm thinking of doing a project that works like this:
At the entrance of a parking lot, a LCD display will notified driver the availability of parking space at each level or zone. A sensor will be located at each entrance and exit to count the number of cars entering and leving that level or zone ( a car entering will increses the count and car leaving will decreases the count).
Can anyone help me with the circuit design for this project? Info on the hardware and programming neded for this kind of project is also appreciated. Thanks.


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you can use a sensor at the entrance with 2 laser or IR sensors wich will be by cars that pass trough. if you have 2 sensors at a distance apart, 20-30cm the sensors will be triggered an an oreder depending on the direction of the car. you will use a circuit that has 2 outputs, and will generate a pulse at one of them if the car enters and a pulse at the other if the car exits. then use an up/down couter with some 7segment display wich will show the number of cars that are inside. if you want to use a LCD microcontrollers will be needed. but you can show more info on it.
if you want i can provide the schematic for the direction circuit.


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i also doing the same project like u but with some modification
a sensor at the entrance and exit(to count available car inside the parking)
a sensor at parking space(to count available free parking space)
LED at the parking space(for driver to locate parking space)
LED(to show the available parking space and car inside the parking space)

please someone help me with the design of the circuit and the suitable component to used..Really need ur help..URGENT
email me at [email protected]
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