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help needed


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The following would be to use instead of a spring-to-centre toggle switch (which I don't like).

I would like (if at all possible) to use a single push-button, which when pressed will send a short forward(?) pulse, and when pressed again will send a short reverse(?) pulse.

The final unit downstream requires pulses, NOT constant signal.

This would be either by the push-button having 3 (or more?) pins for common(?), forward(?), and reverse(?), so that alternate presses would send forward/reverse pulses (if such a push-button is available, which I doubt);


it having only 2 pins, which would send a pulse to some an intermediate component/circuit, which in turn would send forward/reverse pulses downstream on alternate presses of the push-button.

Is such an idea possible, and if so, what other components would I require.



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What is it connected to - what voltage and current does whatever it connects to need?

It could be as simple as a push-on/push-off button with a changeover contact and a couple of capacitors and resistors to do the pulse part each time it switches.

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