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Help needed with charger

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LEE mason

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I really appreciate your time and wanted to ask if the following was possible...

I have a 50ah battery pack (lipo) that has various output ports and voltages. These are as follows...

DC Output current 5V/8.4V/9V 3A (max) 12V/16V(compatible 16.5V)/20V (compatible 19v,19.5v)4.7A(max)
USB Output current 5V/9V/12V 3A(support fast charging)
TYPE-C Output 5V 3.5A(can charger MacBook)

I want to use one of these outputs to charge a 12v 10ah lead acid baterry. However although I'm not that great with electronics I understand it would require 16v to charge and have some type of charge controller? This would control the charging of the battery with a visual indicator also available.

Now that's what to want to do, is it possible? Is there something out there presently that you know of that would solve my conundrum?

I'm really sorry of this is a silly question. I have googled this quite intensively with no luck. I could be using the wrong keywords...

Many thanks for your time


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How fast do you want the LA to charge? If you say "as fast as possible", then you will have to go to the University
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