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Help needed to Modify a 240x64 LCD to bypass the onboard controller IC

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Hi there,

I've got an old drum machine and I'd like to replace the LCD display with a backlit modern equivalent.

The only problem is that the original 240x64 LCD display does not have a controller IC built in (powered by a controller from the main PCB) and I can only find modern replacements that have a controller built-in to the LCD display.

I have heard that people have been able to modify Winstar WG24064A displays (controlled by RA6963) to become "controllerless" by removing some components and bridging a few pins.

I've only been able to find some really lo-res images of the modification so I'm not 100% sure which pins to bridge across after removing the RA6963, I've attached the photo here.


I think they've removed 2 ICs - the RA6963 and another IC below it which I'm assuming is an SRAM chip.

The datasheet for the RA6963 is here:

The datasheet for the original LCD in the drum machine is here:

I'm not 100% sure but I think pins 18-24 of where RA6963 was are bridged to other pins, as well as 1 or 2 other pins from 1-4. There could be a few other pins if I'm missing something.

I think I've got an approximate idea of what's going on but would appreciate any additional advice, I'm not 100% sure about which pins I should bridge and where I should bridge them to.

Many thanks
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