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Help needed to design a simple robotics project

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hi frnds ,
i m a second yr student :roll: and been given a project to be done of duration 1 year in a group of 5 and the field of project as suggested by faculty is "robotics" :idea: . so what we have decided is to do a small scale project that involving basics only ,so we r thinkin over a small robotic car which can perform operations like -moving on defined path -shortest path -obstacle sensing -change of controls whenever desired ........ so i would expect other members to plz guide me how all this is done and also if u can provide name of some existing URL to help in this project.



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It is my understanding that nothing to do with robotics is 'simple', unless you are an expert in this field, in which case you would not be asking here.

Even basic movements as you suggest involve complex decision making electronics, position and range sensors, servo circuits and so on.
Far too involved to get you an answer here.
But, you have the world wide web at your finger tips, do net searches under the individual topics and accumulate the knowledge you require. Read any books on the subject you can lay your hands on as well.

You may try to get or borrow a radio controlled model car and analyse all the visual feedback and joystick operations you require to control the transmitter, in order for the car to perform its required task. Your robot will have to do all that by itself.
Even at just basic level it is not all that simple a task, unless you are confusing remote control with robotics.

Good luck
Klaus :)
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