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Help for a burnt VGA rx570 MSI

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Hello everyone!

I’m looking for schematic/circuit board for Radeon RX 570 ARMOR 4G OC or how to repair my burnout VGA card.
The model of the board is:

JH M3 94v-0
1720 e230435
I-1 E305N6596BB

Model MS-V341

I have a problem with it. The monitor that was connected to the DVI port gave a short and burnt. Unfortunately, the DVI port of the video card to which the monitor was connected via VGA cable was also burned. Smoke and sparks came out of from the video card socket from the board of the VGA card. Other video cards and components on the ring are healthy. It only burns this video card to which the monitor was connected.

Now the video card does not work.

Is it possible to turn off the DVI port that has been burned via the modded bios? If the burned elements cannot be rectified.
To upload an modded bios in which the DVI port are disabled and the VGA card to work only with HDMI and Display port?

Modified Bios could be loaded with 24 EEPROM Writer 25 SPI routing BIOS LCD Flash USB Programmer, like this https://www.ebay.com/p/CH341A-Serie...ng-Bios-LCD-Flash-USB-Programmer-St/624452209
The BIOS chip of the VGA card is


Is it possible to become so?

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Greetings !

I'm sorry to learn of your disaster. My first inclination is to think that is is unlikely that your solution can be achieved. Perhaps a more knowledgeable hacker may think otherwise, I am sure there are far more knowledgeable technicians roaming this forum. I am sorry to say I cannot offer any more than this. I can truly appreciate your wish to find a way to keep using this video card, I realize they don't come cheap.. Good luck !


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I just need the circuit diagram/schematics for this video card.
Why is it so difficult to find this scheme? For almost every laptop can be found a circuit, and for this video card can not?
Hi Zilos !

Unfortunately you are very unlikely to ever obtain a schematic for any video card. That type of information is usually retained solely by the manufacturer as proprietary. Sorry to be the bearer of this sad but true fact..
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