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Help/advice required

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Hi, im trying to fit an after market clock (from daihatsu cuore) into my pajero junior, and having great difficulties. Its a 4 pin connection acc+, ill, e- and b+. Ive connected it up to my stereo but nothing happens until i switch the stereo off then then clock comes on briefly. What is going on :(


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You dont have it wired right ;)

Just guessing:

B+ should go to +12Vdc that is always on (keepalive, battery).
Acc+ should be connected to +12Vdc when you want the clock display to be on.
Ill should be connected to a voltage somewhere between 0V and 12Vdc to control the brightness of the display. This usually comes from the car's dimmer bus.
E- should go to 0V (gnd).

How do you have it wired?


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Thanks for the replys guys.
I have all the connections spliced into the stereo connection, i thought it would be the easiest way of connecting it but obviously i was wrong. I apologise for being a complete noob where electronics are concerned.

Ian Rogers

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OK... Mitsubishi radio wires....

12v acc ( ignition ) is blue
12v Battery is Red with a black stripe
Illumination isn't connected....
Ground is via the chassis of the radio.... The connector hasn't a ground wire..

So put illumination to the blue wire... Connect the ground to the side of the radio ( some have a 4mm thread at the rear..)
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