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Hacking an Autel GS300.

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I bought an OBD II/CAN code reader at Harbor Freight a while back. Decided to open it up today and see what's inside.

The LCD is on its own board with a who knows what glop-top chip. On the other board are two chips and a bit of supporting circuitry and parts.

The chips are Phillips TJA1050, this one was easy to find out what it is, it's the chip that does the CAN protocol.

The other chip is an STC 89C53RC.

The board has four holes labled Vcc, Txd, Rxd and Gnd. Ah-ha! Serial port! ;) The datasheet for the TJA1050 says Vcc is up to +6v. Could it be USB???

It would be very neat if I could hack this to connect to a RS232 or USB connection and read live data with a laptop. Quite nice of Autel to provide solder-ready holes.
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