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i had made an inverter (hbridge) and an inverter logic(2x4) both work perfectly in simulation but when i had join them together an error occur an anyone help me ...i had attached its DSN file in below post
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I haven't orcad installed so I cannot see your chematic.

Can you rather atach it as a picture - it might be something obvious that's wrong.


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Didn't I answer this question a few days ago on another website?
But here you fixed the wrong connections to the upper right side optocoupler.

The high side (upper) Mosfets won't work because they are N-channel source-followers and their gate voltages must be 10V higher than the power supply voltage for them to turn on completely. Use P-channel Mosfets instead with the motor connected to the drains and invert the logic that drives them.

This is the website with your original thread about this problem. Why start this new thread? Why not continue in the other thread?

In the other thread you said you fixed the problems but the circuit still does not work. You forgot to attach your fixed schematic.
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