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Guessing for a battery charger...


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A gadget that uses series of 12 x AA Ni-Cd cells has a missing charger. Looking at the charger on the web reveals no specs.
Is it reasonable to choose a supply limited to 18V DC unloaded and capable of 200mA to recharge such pack ?
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Nigel Goodwin

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If the charger is external, then you need a charger - not just just a PSU. If the device has an internal charger, then you need a supply that provides what it expects.


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Thanks. Yes, the charger is external. The post is about using some sort of supply to recharge the pack as equally well as possible as the missing charger of unknown specs.


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Ni-CAD cells are old. I replaced mine with Ni-MH cells 25 years ago.
Ni-CAD cells can be charged continuously at 1/10th the mAh rate but it will take a long time.
1.5V will be good but you must limit the over-charging current to 1/10th the mAh rate.

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