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gtp usb lite programmer question?

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can anyone help me in this project: GTP-USB-Lite Programmer (again) in this page

ali3nworld - daily visit recommended!

i have only one question since everything is included in the site

and the question is where to put different types of pic's in the zif socket i meant
for an example where to put a 18 pin pic in this 40 pin zif socket
and why do we placed it that way?

this picture will show u what i meant :
ImageShack - Image Hosting :: placement.jpg
what is the theory for this placement

if anyone could give me a placement plan for the above gtp programmer i will be thankful to him

Gayan Soyza

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Micro controller manufactures have lots of knowledge & techniques than us & we are still in the beginning stage. The new technology comes faster than our learning curve.
To program a PIC there must be minimum five wires coming from the programmer to the target board they are

*VDD (Target)

If you go through these pins in the PICs they are placed in the same position on each device pin package.
For all 18 pin PICs the above pins are located on the same position.
For all 8 pin PICs the above pins are located on the same position.
For all 40 pin PICs the above pins are located on the same position.

Why the above program pins are located in the same position?

Because from a one target socket you can program different size PICs.

So you must place the package (PIC) in the correct position shows in your diagram, so only the programming pins will contact with the programmer.

If the manufacture placed the programming pins on different locations then how can the programmer identify where the programming pins are?

That’s why they have manufactured according to a standard.
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