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Got it working at last!!

Nigel Goodwin

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For a while now I've been playing with an AD9833 waveform generator board, trying to get it to work with a PIC24F, I based my project on this website:


And while I've got my display working fine, using a smaller LCD than the link and configured how I wanted, and the encoders working fine, I've been unable to get any output at all from the AD9833. I've been fiddling with it off and on for a while now, and presumed my problem was to do with the SPI connection.

Anyway, I've recently bought some Arduino 3.3V Pro Mini's, so thought I'd wire one of those up and use the code direct from the link - but again, everything worked - except the output from the AD9833.

So eventually, I tried a different AD9833 breakout module - and it worked. Tried the old one, didn't work - tried the new one again, did work. So I tried the working one in my 24F setup, worked in that as well!!!!!! :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

Makes you wish you'd tried a different AD9833 a long time ago :rolleyes:

Here's a (poor) picture of the MiniPro version, feeding a little scope:


Nigel Goodwin

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Don't tell me you have succumbed to the Duinovirus? There is no known cure short of rebooting your brain.
The PIC version works as well - I was reduced to the Arduino version to see if it worked on that or not (and it didn't) :D

But to be fair, I quite like the ProMini, nice small form factor and easy to use.


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Morning Nigel,
Nice project.
Hope you don't mind, honing my PhotoShop skills on your image.;)
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