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Good comparator IC for LDR light sensor circuit?

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I will be using this circuit for the light sensor portion of several projects. What IC would you recommended for this application.
Power supply will be 7.4v, 9v & 12v for various applications. Thanks.

I'd think any op amp would do. Without any feedback though I'd expect it to repeatedly switch when sat at the threshold.

I think VCC/Ground/Output area bit swapped around


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hi hh,
The LM393 requires hysteresis, else the output could oscillate close to the switch over from day/nite.
Also how do you plan to set the lite/dark switch over for different environments/LDR's
The LM393 output is open collector, you need a pull up resistor to +v.
Add some decoupling caps across the power rails.

Wasting power with two 1k's across the supply, 10k's would be better.
I agree with 'ff',tidy up the polarity layout of the circuit
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