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Ghost Train....

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Hi, I wanted to share my project with you as I have spent many hours looking at the threads on this site, I have learnt so much from you all.
I built this ghost train for my HNC in electrical/electronic engineering.
Apart from the motor and gearing I built the whole thing from scratch, I had no previous electronic experience and soldering was something I could never have imagined doing.
I have loved every minute of building it and I would love to carry on, although now just as a hobby.
I was thinking of adding some sound as the carriage enters the tunnel, so any ideas to get me started would be great.



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hi Jilly,
Nice project.:)

A nice wailing sound would be spooky.!

Where in Yorkshire are you located.?


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Wailing would be great, spooky....

I could have used a controller had I been more experienced but I built it the old fashioned way, 555 timer and decade counter. I didn't have a clue when I started it..
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Sounds easy to add with a tape recorder on a loop =)


Looks great, nice job.

As for sound the old SN76477N Complex Sound Generator (used in model train layouts 30yrs ago) has apparently made a comeback.
SN76477N | Popular Science
I wonder why they've brought it back, surely there must be a commercial market for this kind of thing. I though this kind of think was normally done by cheap Chinese COBs these days. Perhaps they're also doing a COB version.

Anyway I've done a quick Google, I didn't find the datasheet but here's PDF containing some good ideas.


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The SN76477N Complex Sound Generator sounds like a great idea, I'm in class tomorrow so will discuss with my electronics tutor and build on it from there. It looks like I have a real challenge for the months ahead. Thank you.
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