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Getting AVRDude to work ... no Programmers to choose from.


Long story but I'm trying to program some ATmega16 chips.

Bought a cheapie USBASP programmer device and installed it ... onto Windows 10 PC.

Required 4 separate software downloads ... WINAVR, a new java download, some drivers ... and AVR8 Burn-O-Mat !!!

Spent hours mucking about ... and finally got everything in place, or so I thought.

When I open AVR8 Burn-O-Mat ... I can load the buffer and data files ready to download to the micro ... but when I click on settings and choose AVRDude ... the window that opens up does not have any programmers to choose from .. the Programmer Window slot is blank and the drop down arrow provides no options.

I can select port number etc ... but just have no programmer to select from.

I've spent hours on you tube and uninstalled it and reinstalled a different version etc ... but still no joy.

Clearly I have no clue ... but it's rare for me to get this frustrated by lack of results.

Is anyone able to help please? Thank you,

Nigel Goodwin

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Never used it, so can't comment specifically - BUT - you say you 'installed' USBASP, sometimes this messes things up if you install the programmer first, often you need to install all the software first and only then connect the programmer. Does it give any specific instructions about what order to install everything?.


Thanks for the input Nigel.

I did follow a specific order as per one you tube guru .... but after so many hours mucking around, I have no idea anymore. :)

Why there are so many different ways to do one thing I have no idea.

I had used my Willen type programmer in the past ... but I went to use it 2 weeks ago ... and it kept saying that the target board needs to be powered ... and as I powered it up ... smoke and flame out of my target micro ... and also a dead programmer !!!

Only USD$99 ... but by the time I got one from Canada to Aust ... and with the freight and exchange rate ... it was $225 ... and I'm not game to try it on one of these again in case this one blows up too. I use it all the time on various jobs and feel really vulnerable when I don't have it.

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