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Ganga's Christmas Box

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A rare foray into the realms of the Open forum for me ..... .. .

I just wanted to show you my latest creation which will masquerade as Ganga's Christmas Present for the Grandkids on the 25th .. ..

Some of us are old enough to remember an arcade game known as 'Mole Whacker' or 'Splat the Rat' that involved a glove puppet type object appearing out of a hole and you were encouraged to hit it on the head with a big rubber hammer, at which point another would appear somewhere else.

I was persuaded that the up and down movement under quite precise control would be very difficult to achieve, especially with my limited abilities and in any case, teaching children to solve an unwanted presence by smacking it on the head with a hammer seemed somewhat inappropriate, although tempting on occasions !

This is an electronic version, driven by an Arduino Mega, and SD card reader and a small mono amplifier. The large buttons light up in random, one at a time and a coincident sound is heard like 'Hello' or 'I'm over here' or some other nonsense. Each button remains lit for 5 seconds and if the button is pressed within that time then another follows it, if not, you lose a 'health' .. Score and remaining health is display on the 7 segment. A total score of 30 is possible, but when the score rises to 20 the time reduces to 4 seconds and at 25 it's 3 seconds.

The LED chaser around the top edge is driven by 2 PIC 16f628a. The case was made by hot forming from 5mm Acrylic Sheet with a hot air gun and a broomstale.

On the LH side panel I installed a cheap chinese Mp3 decoder/Bluetooth and FM receiver connected to a 2 x 10watt stereo amplifier. There is a 2nd SD card reader installed on the inside of the case, loaded with the grandkid's favourite tunes, so their Mum assures me. Additional playlists can be added through the SD card slot or USB slot on the front panel of the unit.

As I said, a rare foray for me, and the only reason is that I wanted to publicly acknowledge the considerable help I have had from my friends on the forum.

If the kids get half as much fun out of this as I've had building it they'll have had a great time.

Seasons Greetings Guys




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