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Game boy advance as a microcontroller !

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Hey all !

Check out this product ! It allows you to use the Nintendo Game Boy
Advance as a micro controller. It has 16MB Memory and 54 IO's

Sounds great to me, check it out at the link below, should be available
end of the month.




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Finally available !!!

Looks ace on the website, they say they are now shipping.
Anybody seen or played with one yet?

>>> 4Mbytes flash memory, 55 I/O lines, 10000 gate FPGA <<<

### UPDATE ### 4th Oct ###- I've just received one (US to UK delivery took 7 days) - had to pay import duty and UK tax - £24 - on arrival! :shock:
I've written a very simple program to prove operation -- busy weekend coming then 8)

Anybody else got one to swap ideas/tips/problems with :?:
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