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Fuzz pedal oddities...

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Hi there. I've just (about) finished a fuzz pedal build but have had some problems and am trying to debug. The pedal I built is based off the Axis Face Silicon Schematics. While the signal goes through when in standby, there is no sound once it is switched to the circuit. The led is going on ok, but the weird thing is that I accidentally discovered that if I touch the tips of the out put and input together I get fuzz!! I have been staring at it for hours but can't understand what I have done wrong or why directly connecting the input and output seems to get the circuit working????

Here's how the 3PDT switch is wired.


1: input to circuit
2: output from circuit
3: +9v for led
4: input from guitar
5: output to amp
6: 1k resistor to led to ground
7 and 8 are tied together and 9 is empty

Again.. the only way to get the fuzz to sound is to jumper 4 and 5.. but I don't see why this works or if it is safe to just jumper them. It makes it seem as the the circuit input and output are the wrong way around, but I'm am certain they are not.

If any gurus have any ideas that a noob like me could miss, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for reading all this.


BTW: I was going to post pics but my camera battery died.. so will post pics in a few hours.


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I'm sure you have wired up the 3pdt switch wrong. :)

Disconnect the wires and check the switch with an ohmeter, or the multimeter "diode" test that beeps when there is a connection. Work out how the switch contacts connect. Then wire the in->out bypass first, so that it connects in->out properly. Then wire the in->pcb_in and pcb_out->out and check them with the multimeter again.


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Hey thanks..

Turns out it wasn't the switch, but a connection in the circuit I had failed to make.. It works fine now, although it's weird that connecting the input and output together helped the fuzz come through the circuit... who knows..

The only thing now is that the volume of the pedal seems way to low to be useable live or anything. I has already switched the common 330 ohm resistor with a 1k2.. which is supposed to up the volume.. Should I just keep increasing the value of that resistor.. Also I used a 100k audio pot for the level as recommended by the site I got the schematics and layout from. It was explained that this would let more highs through, but I am suspicious it is to small to get volume out of.. any other tricks fro getting more volume out of a fuzz pedal??
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