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futuristic weapons ???

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I recently stumbled into to a site that was trying to sell the plans of various space age weapons such as rail guns, magetic launchers and various things with strange names like the electrothermal plasma gun and the electric gun do these exist ? can tey be made or is this just a scam to sell plans and make some one some bux??

deeply perplexed! :? :? :?



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They seem to be like StarTrek Weapons. These are real weapons. Actually you cannot call them weapons because they are not meant for causing serious harm or kill any one. But are based on fundamentals of physics and electricity and just for experimentation purpose.
This is what I understood after looking at the site.



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I've heard about railguns and some magnetic high powered and high voltage guns. my friend is making a small rail gun size of a hand gun, still havent finished. He said it works fairly well but I still can't rust him. It shoots anything metal and uses a coils around the barrel to act as a powerful scary magnet when he inputs high voltages and shoots the mental input.
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