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Free Light Sensor

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I have been clearing out my loft and rediscovered a box of brand new light sensor probes. They were designed to connect to a darkroom timer to measure the light intensity of a darkroom enlarger.

Some details:

Make - Paterson
Model - PDB2053

The light sensor is housed in a plastic case with a lead terminated in a standard 6pin Din connector.
Power required is 12v dc and the output is a frequency proportional to light intensity. (Open collector output).

If anyone wants one then they are free of charge for collection or at cost if posted. (First come first served).

I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this so my apologies if it isnt.



If no-one here wants them, you could try listing them on ebay.
They have just removed the listing fee only for private sellers auctions starting at 99p, so now you only pay the fees if stuff sells.
May be useful for anyone having a clear-out!


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Thanks Picasm - I will give it a try.

I have other items that I can offer in the same way - is this the correct forum to post them to? If not, is there one I can.

Maybe a new section could be started for all those bits that are too good to dump but not good enough to sell? I have loads - I am sure (I hope), I am not alone.

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Seems like as good a forum as any, though "General electronics chat" is just that, a general chat so I wouldn't see a problem with offering free stuff in there.
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