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Frankly, dog pee on PS3

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So yeah, my mom's dog pee'd on my PS3 which I had on the bottom of my TV stand which is just an inch above the ground. It was on standby and now it will not turn on nor does the red light that is usually on when in standby come on.

I did do a search to see if anyone else had had this problem and could not find any good results. All I could find was the same case posted on Playstation.com forums where people just gave dumb responses.

I came here in hopes that someone ambitious would be willing to help me out a bit as I am not too savvy when it comes to electronics.

Cracking open the Sony PlayStation 3 | TechRepublic Photo Gallery

Here I found pictures of a PS3 taken apart step by step. The dog pee'd on the front right part on the power and eject buttons/opening to the optical drive and on the right side where there are vents to the inside.

I have not yet cracked it open but I glanced through the photos to try to figure out what may have actually gotten wet to cause the failure. I read a few things about how it may indeed by fixable, but I'm just wondering if there's something vital in that area that I should specifically clean well, or if there is a part that I can replace.

The power supply is in the back left corner. All that looks to be in the front, right section, is the optical drive (which looks pretty self contained, and I believe the wires are on the left side) and the right part of the motherboard?

If I need (or even could) replace the optical drive I'm pretty sure that will be pretty damn expensive as it is a Blu-ray player.

I would really appreciate any and all help that anyone can give. If someone feels really up to the task and has experience with this type of thing (I don't think pee is that much different that soda/coffee/etc, but who knows) and could give me some instructions on what I need to do to clean it and, hopefully, make it work again, I would be extremely grateful.

If you have any questions or, say, think I should try something and give you the feedback on what happened I will be checking up on this soon. Also, my step-dad is a kinda-sorta electrician and has a lot of tools. Soldering iron, volt-reader thing-a-ma-jig (with a red and black uhhh wires with metal on the ends and a dial in the middle, i don't know what it's called), and all kind of stuff. He will be helping me along with this also. He hasn't looked at it yet as he'll be working the next few days.

Thank you in advance. Very much appreciated.


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I just cleaned a 'puter that was dog pee'd on. It's a chore regardless but worth the effort if you plan to salvage the item. If you feel confident in following the disassembly instructions, go for it. Make sure it's unplugged! Clean with a good cleaner like 409, BAM, Simple Green, etc. Clean small areas at a time. Look closely to see where the urine trailed within the unit. Use a can of aerosol ElectroWash cleaner on the circuit board. You may want to use Q tips to clean around components and in crevasses. Feamle dog urine is quite acidic so you want to get to it soon.


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Thanks you for the reply. My step-dad actually got to it the next morning and got it working okay. The only problem now is it randomly spits the disc out. It does this about 10 times in a row until it finally reads the disc. It's happened every time I've played it since then, but only once each time. I guess if it continues or gets worse we'll crack it open again.

Thanks again for the reply.
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