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I would suggest the "Chat" button on the menu bar be changed to load the chat into a new tab in the web browser window, coming from someone that uses a tabbed browser it's easy to manage the chat window when it's a tab in the active browser. Current versions of both IE and Firefox support tabbed browsing and I know (from sites like fark.com) that opening in tabbed window is possible.

Also I've seen at least two people having trouble opening the chat app, the link does nothing when they click it. Both users were using some version of IE (forgot to ask) The only way for these users to enter chat is to manuall type /chat after the main website address. This is also how I access the chat application so that I can open it in a tab.


Chat application

The channel leave/join messages don't seem to play on the chat application, can't tell when people are coming or going.


Hi Sceadwian,

Thank you for your comments. I have noticed the problem in IE as well and have made some changes to the link. It now defaults to opening in a new tab. I have also added a icon which links to the old style popup for convenience.

I am looking into the problem with the leave join messages now.


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ultrasonic water level sensor

i'm newbie here and i need help on the circuit of tank water level sensor. this is for my final year project. this circuit supposed to use
-ultrasonic sensor
-microcontroller PIC16f877a
-lcd display

this project is to detect the 3 level of water in the tank. it will display EMPTY, HALF or FULL at LCD display. could u guys help me?? i really need help..thanx a lot..
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