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FM Transmitter Question

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I am in the process of building a FM Transmitter, however, the only schematics that I can find will only operate on a range between 80 MHZ and 108 MHZ. How can I increase the MHZ so that the transmitter can be heard on a band in the range between 150 MHZ and 165 MHZ? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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In case of simply transmitter apply smaller inductivity and/or capacity in tank circuit.


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you could vary the inductance and cap(make them smaller).most recievers pick up only between 88-108mhz................it is a must for you to modify your reciever too ,to pick up between those frequencies.


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I made a post in this forum that went unanswered, I asked where I could find schematics for building an FM transmitter, might I ask where you got yours. Thanks
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