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An applicant for a engineering position where I work has mentioned he codes in flowcode.
How effective is this, I just did some research as I've never seen flowcode before, looks like it could be restrictive if the right blocks are not available.
Some industrial Plc controlers can be programmed in a remotely similar way, though with these the graphical blocks are machine function specific.


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If they haven't taken the step to go from flowcode to C then I doubt they're much good. Also, someone in the future may have to maintain this and not know flowcode and flowcode could go bust.


dr pepper

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Thats interesting, are you in the Uk?
I ask as someone back end of last year applied for a position we advertised, kinda claiming he could code our siemens Plc's having learned flowcode.
I dont really know flowcode, I had a quick look on the net and my opinion is although its a good idea it is kinda restrictive, bu thats just my opinion.

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