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Flash Light Based On Faraday's Induction Law.

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Has anyone seen those new flashlight that work off a little coil and magnet.

I saw it the other day, it was one of the sixty second comercial that don't tell much about the product. You don't have to use batteries, just shake the light and presto.

The coil is inside the flashlight tube, wound the lenght of the tube. Their's a little ball magnet inside. So when you shake it, the magnet moves up and down. Producing electricity.

It has not have a battery on it some place that gets charged.

Thought it was a neet idea if anyone cared.

:lol: Why didn't I think of that! :cry:




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although i see an application for the shaker, for somone that lives near water it could generate a bit of power from wave action..


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Those "Flash lights" sounded good to me some time ago, but I heard their light is so weak, and they are so expensive, that you can buy tons of standart bateries, and it will still be cheaper than this "Magical Flash Light".
Saw a "shaker flashlight" at the Sharper Image store once...4 super bright white LEDs...shake for about a minute and you could shine in for a few minutes across the store and see the spot clearly on the other side in full daylight.


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uhm.. i am electronics newbie and all, but couldnt u do something along the lines of the circuit posted below, it probably is totally incorrect, bu as a bored, drunk, newbie i thought i'd give it a try :D
Sorry about the wordpad .doc extension, wouldn't let me post a bitmap (got no conversion software). Sorry in advance about how wrong it is.


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