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First Project

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Hi Everyone! I'm new to the forum and saw how helpful everyone is here :)
I am new to microcontroller's and servo motors and wanted to know which controller would best suite my project.

I have seen the ardruino projects out there controlling servos with potentiometers, but I was looking to use "less" equipment to control the servo. I would like to control the servo using a potentiometer, microcontroller, then any additional parts such as caps, resistors, crystals, etc.

I'm really interested seeing this project in action and understanding what is going on. I'm very excited and hope the community here can help me out. Thanks for any and all help everyone :)


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I suggest you start with this circuit. Get it working with your motor, and then you will have a basis to understand how PWM control of a DC motor works. Defer the ucontroller learning curve for now.
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