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Finally , an EBAY supplier of cheap & genuine automotive relays

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Ok , after several suppliers and consequent refunds due to the amazing magnetic copper :arghh: coming out of China in these relays....I have found a 100% copper relay source :wideyed:. Not even the coil terminals are magnetic.:happy:

Also, the average resistance of a closed contact is about 8 milli Ω. The 'fake' units vary from 28 m Ω several hundred m Ω.

Support this seller...the relays even come in a case ( terminals all pristine) and not loose in a bag!


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Here we have a strip-your-own auto wrecker, you can buy a couple of handfulls for $5.00.
A pick-and-pull auto wrecker yard is where I have been getting them.


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Yes they are cheap but don't ship to Australia. I get mine for free from local wreckers.


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Good info, thanks. 60amps is a big relay. I still have a box of Bosch 30amp relays with pigtails I got when I was racing. In about 15 years, the market is flooded with super cheap relays. You can feel it, even the plastic housing is thin and they are so light you can tell there's not much inside.
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