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Faulty Fisher & Paykel Washer - WL70T60C


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Greetings from the Gold Coast, Australia,

I have a WL70T60C F&P washer with error 49 displayed.

It has a 421232NAP Motor Controller with a 42085S pcb.
I have replaced a burnt-out TNY266 AC-DC Converter chip, also a 1.6A soldered-in fuse.

My board has two (2) SMD shunt resistors (close to the 250v 270uF electrolytics - see pic for where they were) that have burnt out.
As a consequence I cannot read their values.
Could anyone please assist with the shunt values?

Thank you

F&P 42085 pcb.jpg


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What about this mess? That looks like the copper vaporized with authority!



New Member
Hi Gophert,

No, that's ok. It's just the sealant they squirt on various components.
All is ok with that device.


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My guess is if these resistors burnt the problem is much bigger, shorted mosfets, diodes and/or driver ic's.

If all else fails I have read the F&P motors are excellent for DIY wind/water turbines :)


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Hi Fourtytwo,

I have checked the mosfets & electro caps, but can go no further until I get the values for those parallel shunts.
Without a circuit diagram, I don't want to just keep removing components hoping to find a faulty one until I, at least, can replace those shunts.

Just the values of those shunts would be of great assistance.


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