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Farnell DT12-5 Oscilloscope

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I've been given a non working scope and I'm looking for a scan of the circuit diagram ( schematic ). The model is Farnell DT12-5.

Hope someone can direct me to such or maybe email me a scanned copy.

Many thanks,

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Hi CynicalMan,

Thanks for the feed I'll check it out................. FREE.............. what is that these days my friend. I thinks it's only old timers like myself, who have but a short time left on this earth, who are willing to freely impart their knowledge and such to lifes juniors in whatever form it takes.

Kindest regards,

John in the United Kingdom

mvs sarma

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the owner of the scope might have the user manual , which might incidentally contain a schematic. Actually many Manufacturers including Philips used to give the schematics in the user manual.

Perhaps Farnel might be able to provide with the schematics if not the service manual, if approached.


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This is a very old thread, most of the participants (except mvs sarma) have not visited the forum for several years.
You are unlikely to get a reply from johntee.


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