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Farmers are the people that feed a Country


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We are tired of cowards mutilating and torturing farmers and their families before murdering them. Murder is one thing.....but this is the work of the devil himself that has been ongoing for way too long here in South Africa. And the ANC Government does NOTHING about it.

Genocide with the blessing of the ANC.

Hence no Newspaper Headlines. Until this post below on Imgur today woke the World up:


Imgur's Alexa ranking 45th in the world.
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Might be a good time to pack up and leave for a better place. (Probably not Venezuela or California USA though.) :(

Some days I think the next world war won't be fought of who's country wants who else's resources but one of lazy self entitled fools fighting against everyone else who doesn't want to support them.

(it will likely be a very short war with only heavy casualties on one side so that's a plus.) :p


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That's a nice dream, but history shows another outcome is far more likely. Look at Asia, former Soviet Union (Lenin, Stalin), Venezuela, California ...

In fact, examples where the producers prevail over those who want to redistribute production (aka "workers" who aren't really working) are rare.

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