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Extending the IR remote control reciever on a UK freeview TV reciever box

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Hi All,

I am new here so take it easy on me!

I have a uk freeview tv setup box. The box is in the loft and i want to change channels in the room below without having to go into the loft all the time. (its a long story :) )

Is it possible to de-solder the IR remote reciever part thats in the freeview box, attach two longish wires to where the IR reciever was solderd onto, put the wires through the ceiling and then re-solder the IR reciever onto the end of the wires? - kind of extending it. This would mean that although the box is in the loft, the IR reciever is now in the room below. It sounds simple enough to me, just dont know if it is possible. i have done some repairs with the soldering iron in the past so have some experiance.

and yes i know you can by some IR sender devices but they are £30 in the UK...credit crunch and all that! Also this will be more fun!!

Thanks for your help



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Pyramid or Powermid type remote extenders are what you're after...
They convert the IR to RF and back again at the other end...range is easily good enough around a house.



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It's worth a try. Depending how long the run is you might be able to make it work.You need to use two conductor with shield. I would put the I/R receiver in a small box and cut a small window in the box to let the I/R light in to hit the I/R receiver . You may also need to come up with an I/R filter on the window of the box. Good luck.
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