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Explanation on Ultra-Cap

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Hello there,

i am doing a Paper called Negotiated Studies. My topic of study will be on Ultra-Capacitors. my question is, what topics included in ultra-cap technology i need to provide and what points i should write and talk about? my second question, is there any basic experiments i can i can do and what results ill be looking at?

Thank you Waleed


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I know about super-capacitors but I never heard about ultra-capacitors so I asked Google. Google provided a link to Wikipedia that says a super-capacitor is sometimes called an ultra-capacitor. This detailed description of a super-capacitor will answer your question. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supercapacitor

A basic experiment would be to charge a super-capacitor and time how long it can power a little light or run a little motor.


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Supercaps are often used as a replacement for batteries, so I would compare the benefits of using batteries over using supercaps. I am no expert, from what I understand, supercaps have a much lower output resistance so can therefore provide much higher currents compared with batteries. They can also be charged either positive or negative (please check this though). I believe they are better at low temperatures (below zero) whereas some chemistries of battery don't like getting too cold

A comparison with batteries from the chemistry side and the user case viewpoint would be a good place to start.
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