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ESP32 EEPROM problems


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Porting an existing Arduino project over to the ESP32 WRoom32 board.

If I run just this example EEPROM code on the ESP32 it returns the data correctly.

However when I tried running my original EEPROM code in the project code it does not work returning values of 0.

So I added the test code below, as the first lines of code in the SetUp section of my project code, but it also would not run correctly , just returning 0 and 0

The project is using the following libraries so wonder if there is some form of contention ?

Whats not quiet clear from the info on the ESP32s EEPROM is does the EEPROM commit() have to be run after each EEPROM Write or just after a block of Writes ?

There seems a lot of quiet complex info on the web about varoius way of using the ESP32s Flash memeory as EEPROM; is this simple method below stable enough for saving a few bytes each hour ?

Project Libraries -
#include <Wire.h>

#include <OneWire.h>

#include <DallasTemperature.h>

#include <EEPROM.h

#include "Sodaq_DS3231.h"

#include "Adafruit-GFX-Library-master\Adafruit_GFX.h"

#include "Adafruit_ILI9341.h"

#include "SPI.h"                   

#include "XPT2046_Touchscreen.h"

EEprom test code, ok when run independatly, but fails when run in the project code -

// include library to read and write from flash memory
#include <EEPROM.h>

// define the number of bytes you want to access
#define EEPROM_SIZE 60

byte  DataE = 35;
byte  DataD = 44;

void setup() {
    // initialize EEPROM with predefined size

void loop() {
    EEPROM.write(0, DataE);

    EEPROM.write(1, DataD);

    delay (1000);

    byte TEST = EEPROM.read(0);
    byte TEST1 = EEPROM.read(1);

    Serial.println (TEST,DEC);
    Serial.println (TEST1,DEC);
     delay (100000);


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