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Embedded system detailed design steps

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I’m looking for a resources, books or other materials which explains modern day embedded system design in detail. It should include hardware and software design steps. It’s should cover minor steps in detail such selecting hardware components, how to develop software using evaluation board connections and etc. Please suggest any form of resources, books or other materials. Please suggest best once. Thanks.

Ian Rogers

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Embedded design isn't something you just jump into and do! There are MANY books... But the embedded designer is the guy who writes the books..

Many aspects of achieving a decent design isn't probably written... When I made my first PCB it was next to worthless, useful as a coaster and that's all.. Since all the pitfalls and headbanging I can get PCB''s made and populated now that run in very harsh conditions.. You don't get this from books....

Well you do, but reading through forums and book resources.. Observing other designs, many other designs! There are starter books that start you on your way, but each hurdle will be different... Its a long haul, a lot of throwing stuff at walls, but worth it in the end... The books you'll need will mostly be reference books... Datasheets give the most information as hooking devices together is paramount!!

Get a copy of the "Art of Electronics"... Learn about noise and shielding... Start small... I'm sure others will give more advise... I have thousands of books, but I really don't think they help too much....


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You need to be open to different ways of doing things. I've learned a lot by looking at how others have done things. New methods of doing things can be seen when you take stuff apart. If you see a unique way of integrating a switch or mounting a connector or something take a good look and snap a few pics. You never know when some unique arrangement will be the perfect solution.

nigel wright

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A good start is to read a microcontroller data sheet.
There are differences between each micro though.

Buy a dev kit such as PICKIT3 and build a small pcb with a switch and an LED to play with.
Then play around with thing like UARTS, counters, timers etc etc
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