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Electrophoresis power supply Fisher FB300 Repair

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I recently got this power supply and it had no power. Recently, while i was checking it out, the power suddenly came on the display and i could see numbers. But the buttons were not all responsive. I pressed the power button it it shut down the unit, never came back on again.
Wondering if someone can guide how to proceed with diagnostics. I have basic electrical knowledge but nothing in terms of troubleshooting electronics. I am attaching the circuit board picture of the unit.FB300.jpg Board.jpg
Greetings U !

Since it suddenly came to life and then not able to power up, I'd check the solder connections on the circuit board carefully, it could be as simple as a cold (bad) solder joint. If all appears well in that regard, with a multimeter, check to see if you have any DC output voltage on the output of the bridge rectifier first. I will check this thread to see what those results are when you've had a chance to check it..
Good luck ! Mark..


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Mark, welcome to ETO.

Your enthusiasm is to be commended, 19 posts in two days, but please be aware that many of these threads to which you have replied could well be described as "dead".
Many have been posted by people who only ever make one post, and often never return to read the replies.


ps, I like your SP600
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