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Electronically controlled manifold, HELP!

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Hi Guys,

I'm hoping someone can help me fine the right product as I don't do much with electronics/pneumatics in my design work. Basically I have a very low pressure air pump which needs to feed into a manifold with 4 or 5 exit ports (ideally 5). Each manifold needs to be electronically controlled, so press button 1 to open manifold one whilst all others remain closed. Size wise it needs to be fairly small (150mm x 75mm would be ideal).

A software engineer will write the program and design board for opening the ports, I just need the hardware. Is there anything off the shelf that would be suitable? RS components have many manifolds but I'm not sure if these are suitable for use with an air application!

Any help would be appreciated!

Crappy picture to help illustrate...




Les Jones

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I think you are correct when you say "you would be guessing". The advert does not give any information if they are normally open or normally closed and if they only work with the flow in one direction. I would choose an item that was specified more clearly. Also if this is to be used for long term production I would want an item that was available from more than one manufacturer.

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