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electronic riddles & such, help

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Okay so I go to Lenape Vo Tech for electronics & our teacher put this jeopardy template on our computers for like powerpoint & we just have to add in questions & stuff.

I need to come up with some more questions for it, I don't want them to be super obvious but I want them to be like easy enough to get too.

Right now I have 1 section for "schematics" & i have another section called "what am I?" & I need a few more questions for that part. It would be good if they were like a little humerous & entertaining because I think we might show these for the rest of the class & I want mine to be unique & fun.

Also any other catagories or questions that anyone could suggest would be appreciated.



How about a picture of a CDS photo cell? Not everyone recognizes those on sight.
Other no brainers would be some of the lesser known electrical symbols. It might be funny to make a couple funny faces or figures out of circuit symbols that everyone had to name. There's enough variety in circuit symbols to draw a lot of funny faces I'd imagine.
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