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Hi, I am trying to put together a keyless ignition system for a bike build. I have the keypad part working fine and it is disabled by the kill switch on the handlebars. However, I have a problem in that I need a live feed to the "orange" wire when the correct code is inputted and I need it to then change to an open loop when the kill switch is pressed.

In my wiring diagram the part marked "Wolf" is the asian wolf keypad, the printed diagram is on the side of the keypad box.

I thought I could do this by adding a second relay to the setup but this didn't work, I wonder if there is some logic that I am not seeing here that would enable me to do this.

Thanks, Daniel.



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Seem like the "kill switch" is inverted.

If that doesn't solve the problem, I suggest you get better documentation for the product.


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Yes, this is how kill switches are these days, in that they complete the circuit when on "kill". This is why the relay is used so that the circuit can be live when the kill switch is in the normal running position.

As for my question about the orange wire. This is normally connected to the ignition switch and will get its live from there when the switch is turned on. Thus cutting the positive feed when the ignition is turned off.

It seems to me that there is some ligical way, that I do not know about, of giving the orange wire live when the code is punched in and then cutting that power to it when the kill switch is pressed.

Thanks, Daniel

dr pepper

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It looks like your circuit should work, except you have the + feed going to the red on the 'wolf'
Shouldnt you have the red going to battery +, and this wire going to the orange?


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So I tried switching the red for the orange. When I connect the orange to the 87a on the relay I hear another relay click in the "wolf" assembly. Then when I connect the red to + nothing happens and the circuit seems to be dead. If I reverse this procedure and connect the red to the + first and then the orange to 87a an audible alarm sounds from the "wolf".

However, when the correct code is punched into the "wolf" the black wire to the right on the "wolf" on my diagram becomes live. I have tried to connect the orange wire to this to get its live feed and this works but only one way - in that the "wolf" sees the live and is happy with that but when I hit the kill switch the circuit remains active until I release the orange wire from this black wire - at this point the system will reset.

I have tried to use a relay to simulate me connecting and disconnecting the orange wire from live to open loop but I've not managed to get this to work.

dr pepper

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Hmm complicated.
I dont think I can sort out your problem by proxy.


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Try this...

Disconnect Wolf "Red" terminal from Relay 87a and then connect Wolf Red terminal to Battery+ (constant "on" +12V). Then connect the Wolf "Orange" terminal to Relay 87a.

This way....+Battery will supply power to the wolf and 87a will "enable" it to function. When the kill switch is closed, +12v will then be removed from relay 87a and the Orange terminal (but only as long as the kill switch is closed).

Does that seem correct?



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Well, the problem there is that if the kill switch is in run mode and the code has not been punched in an audible alarm will sound from the wolf because the orange can only go live when the code has been entered.

I have been thinking a lot about this while I have been working away. i have 30 seconds to get a live feed to the orange wire after I have entered the correct code so I should be able to get a generated live from the engine when it is running. That way when the engine is stopped the orange wire will go OL and all should be well. Thats the theory anyway.

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