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Electronic components online stores

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Hi guys.

Can you recommend me websites where I can buy electronic components with good prices.

The online stores should sell at least:
- Resistors, Variable resistors, LDR (Light Dependent Resistors)
- Capacitors, Diodes, transistors, MOSFETs.
- LEDs
- Alligator clips
- Breadboards
- 9V battery clips
- Microcontrollers (Atmel family and PIC family)
- Microcontroller programmers
- Integrated circuits (4000 series, 74 series, NE555, etc)
- Displays (LCD, 7 segment, etc)
- Wires (for breadboard, etc)
- Sensors

It will help if the store ships with DHL.

Thank you.




New Member
Thanks for all your replies.

I found these stores appropriate to my location:
- Digi-key
- Futurlec

Digi-key is richer in components compared to Futurlec. However, Futurlec has nice shipping options at very good rates.

The components prices are pretty much good at both stores.

Thank you guys.
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