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Electric fence

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No, I don't plan on hooking up my fence to mains :lol:

I have a dog that has the nasty habit of jumping our 6 foot fence and roaming the neighborhood, getting in fights with other dogs, and chasing cars :roll: . She needs to be stopped, and I'm sure an electric fence would do the job quite well.

I would build it from scratch and make it into a project, but my Mom wants it NOW. So I was thinking I'd get a kit, seeing as it would probably be much cheaper than buying something pre-built. Where would I find an electric fence kit?

Also, just how much voltage do these things put out? Because the place where my dog jumps the fence is concrete, and I'm not sure if there would be enough voltage to jump through the dog and to the concrete.


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I haven't heard of any electric fence kits. :(

"and I'm not sure if there would be enough voltage to jump through the dog and to the concrete."

I don't think so. Electric fences put out high voltage(some around 1Kv) but the amprege is very low.

Maybe you could get a 12 volt battery and a little transformer to fix the problem.

I can believe your dog is making a clear jump across a six foot fence :wink:

You could wire a pipe on at about five and a half feet and then another at six foot. Then bend the six foot part in a little ways. The dog would have a very hard time jumping that :twisted:. It's work for me with my big old dog.

An electric fence wouldn't stop our Great Dane though, it just got used to having a shock for a little bit while it escaped :lol:

Hope this is helpfull.

D.J. :twisted:


the only thing i can think of that will supply enough energy to shock without severly burning or maming is a home made device, or 1- the circuitry from those plasma balls or 2-those neon sign transformer.

6 feet = 2 metres. pfft thats taller than me.


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I say you just implant a PIC microcontroller into his brain and program
her to stop.

Or you could make a life sized card board model of me
and all the dog would do, would be looking at me.


Life size card board model of RoboticInfo
may cause extreme dizzyness and extreme eye damage.
Applies to humans to.

I am not liable for any causes that will happen
if you wish to bring me to court talk to my lawyer


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So I'm kind of getting the feeling that an electric fence system might not work seeing as it has to go through concrete, and I also doubt that 3kv would make it that far.

I guess I'll have to look into one of those invisible fence systems. Anyone know of any kits?
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