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EEPROM storage of Single variable

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Roger Harrold

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I'm using a Single (floating point) value as a calibration constant.
Does anyone know how to store the 4-byte value in EEPROM and
how to read it back?

Ian Rogers

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It worked

Using the pointer like so..
Dim eep As Byte  'eeprom address
Dim data As Byte
Dim floater As Single @ 0x30
Dim addr As Word  'ram address
addr  = 0x30
floater = 123.456
   For eep = 0 To 3
     data = Pointer(addr)
     Write eep, data
     addr =addr + 1
   Next eep
   floater = 0
   addr = 0x30
   For eep = 0 To 3
     Read eep, data
     Pointer(addr) = data
     addr = addr + 1
   Next eep     
Goto main  'go again
You have to declare the single in ram specifically so you can set the address..
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