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Eclipse Compiler for PIC

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Hesam Kamalan

New Member

I use this compiler for compiling AVR programs. I want to expand my compiler to supporting PICs but i don't know witch plugin is suitable. There are a lot of plugins for PIC in Eclipse site (www.eclipse.org).

witch one i have to use?


Well-Known Member
Chill out. For one thing, Eclipse is not a compiler, it's an IDE. For another, it would be helpful if you posted a link to the actual plugins page you're looking at.

Also, this is a public forum with people in many different countries around the world. It could be that the person who knows the answer to your question is asleep, or at work, or spending time with his family. Remember that on the Internet, nobody owes you anything.

At any rate, I did not find any PIC plugins on the list (which I found after a bit of hunting at http://www.eclipse.org/home/categories/embedded_device.php# ) which provide PIC functionality the way the AVR plugin does. Further Google searching may lead you to find a group which is working on such a plugin, or you could start writing one yourself.

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