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DVD Burning Software

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Am needing to copy some VHS to DVD, does anyone have an opinion as to what is a decent reasonably price software?
Also will be taking some movies from video camera to DVD.
Have read that the Roxio VHS to DVD software is problematic, any other ideas?
Also having trouble finding cable to patch from composite video and audio out of VCR to USB or FireWire input of PC.
Any help appreciated.



Hey Neal,

I've used this in the past to transfer from a 8mm camcorder. It turned out fantastic.
Pinnacle Capture card

Comes with DVD burning software but be aware not many plugins so they will try and get you to buy additional ones. I dumped the raw video and then used Cinelerra on linux for effects and editing, then K3b for burning software.

I've also tried the cheap USB converters and they suck! Terrible frame rates, choppy audio, but what do you get for 25-30 bucks eh?


The Pinnacle software included with these kits is a blight against mankind, it's the worst software I have ever used but it does work. The hardware that is sold with the software is usually not too bad though. Vista Home premium has built in software that will do all these things if you have a supported capture card on the machine. I have Roxio software that came with my machine and I don't have any issues with it. Basically if it's a video clip I can use Vista to burn it. TPMGenc provides some really top shelf quality software for burning DVD's and re-encoding video but I haven't checked their prices recently.
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