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ds1307 in assembly


New Member
i want drive a ds1307 with ATmega32 in assembly

(ATmega32 works in 8 MHZ internal oscillator mode)

i use this simple program for drive ds1307 and its not working ...

leds randomly turn on and off

the purpose of this program is first send primary Values to ds1307


and then reading second and send it to porta.(to show on leds)

would you please correct this program or write another simple program like this one

(i am beginner in assembly and i searched internet and found nothing )

attention: this mode i used in my program called hardware i2c mode which is

used pc0 and pc1 as scl and sda.

the program:
http://www.mediafire.com/view/q2jvdprp4u3micz/ds1307 .asm

http://img4u.ir/upload/427ds1307 .JPG

Mike odom

Active Member
I don't suppose you have an oscilloscope you could check the waveforms with? Else, you need to slow down and do one thing at a time. I would suggest you first put the RTC in start mode, and make sure it responds. Your program looks like the sample in the data sheet, except you don't check the status flag. Instead of trying to write, read, then display, start with using a couple of LEDs as Status indicators. Turn one on to show you are operating, then when you check the status flag, if you get an error, then turn it off and turn the second one on. That way, you'll know if your going into start mode was successful, with both your micro setting the start mode, and the RTC responding to it (checking the status register is the only way to know that the RTC responded on the ACK line during the 9th bit time.

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